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When it comes to entrusting someone with your health, experience matters. For more than 2 years the people of the Sultanate of Oman have trusted Doctory Healthcare.

Doctory is Oman’s preferred healthcare provider with more families choosing us than anyone else. Our expert medical staff of more than 1,000 doctors represents every medical specialty and with services in three cities, we are sure to have a location close-by for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

What Is Doctory App?

Doctory is a mobile application that serves to be the number one healthcare source in the Sultanate of Oman. We deliver information about every medical professional or medical institute that will help you find them easily and rapidly.

Does Doctory serve Governmental or Private Sector?

Doctory App serves all sectors in the Healthcare Industry

Can I join as a Doctor?

Any Healthcare professional or Institute can join Doctory’s Listing App. Feel free to contact us through the contact box below to start the registration process with our team.

Is the Application available for iOS?

Doctory app is available for iOS & Android. Our team believes that such information should be available for everyone. Therefore, we’ll continue to deliver, support and upgrade the app on both platforms to deliver the information to everyone.

Are you Operating during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Yes we are! Our team is on 110% Power. At such time, we believe that it’s very important for us to be operating. We still deliver the information needed about hospitals, tips about COVID-19 and emergency if anyone needs it. All you have to do is contact us right away.

Is Doctory Free to Use?

Yes! Doctory is free for users to explore the list of Doctors and Healthcare Professionals.

Is Doctory Free for Doctors?

To Continue supporting Healthcare Professionals, we have a huge team to take care of therefore, we’re only taking a small payment to support the continuity of our team. If you want to join Doctory, feel free to contact us through the contact box.

Doctory Corona Tips

How to Prepare for the Coronavirus

Coronavirus cases continued to be confirmed all around the world. By following some basic steps, you can help reduce your risk, and do your part to protect others, if your community is affected.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Keep your hands clean, and keep your distance from sick people
  • Unless you are already infected, face masks won’t help you
  • Stock up on home supplies, medicine and resources
  • Prepare your family, and communicate your plan
  • With your children, keep calm and carry on — and get the flu shot
  • About to go on vacation? Consider your destination and how you feel about risk

The coronavirus continues to spread in Asia, Europe and the Middle East, with more than 90 cases and six deaths confirmed in the United States.

Most important: Do not panic. While the outbreak is a serious public health concern, the majority of those who contract the coronavirus do not become seriously ill, and only a small percentage require intensive care.

By following some basic steps, you can help reduce your risk and do your part to protect others.

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